Akim Moiseenkov

Composer specialized in electronic music, music for films, other media and performance arts. Band member, keys player, singer.

Alternative Elektropop. With Dave Wismeijer. Keytar. Synthesizers. Live vocal effects. Estranging Casio toy keyboards by taking their childish beats and ripping them out of context. Visit our website, listen to our music, like us on Facebook.

Perforator is a project with oboist Marlies van Gangelen. Translate movements to sound, build our own synthesizers, connect joysticks to oboe instruments. Take a look at our videos, like us on Facebook.

Akim en zn Orgel, Akim and his Organ
Akim en zn orgelAkim en zn orgelAkim en zn orgelAkim en zn orgelAkim en zn orgelAkim en zn orgelFacebookFacebookFacebookFacebookFacebook

+31 6 348 70 941
akim.componist [at] gmail.com

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